bird deterrents for tv aerials

In most cases the Defender Bird Spikes TV Aerial Pack™ is the best solution to deter birds from perching on TV aerials.

the problem

One of the most common problems people have with birds is how to protect TV aerials to avoid soiling to patios, conservatories, block-paved drives, doorsteps, decking, etc., where soiling problems can, in some cases, be extreme. TV aerials provide wild birds an ideal perching facility, particularly when overlooking domestic gardens, and are often used as a vantage point to exploit food from bird tables in neighbouring gardens. Large piles of bird excrement can build up quickly, with slippage potential on wet guano becoming a problem - many parents with young children often have concerns when their children are playing in the garden unsupervised.

the solution

The Defender Bird Spikes TV Aerial Pack™ is an innovative product from the Jones and Son Defender range of bird deterrent products which effectively deters birds from any size or type of TV aerial. It's available in two sizes :

The Defender Bird Spikes TV Aerial Pack™ is simple and easy to fit and can be installed in minutes as a DIY installation using one or more of the installation options provided within the kit: aerial clips, silicone and cable ties. Make sure that safe access equipment is available to install the TV aerial pack safely if you install it yourself.

The bird spikes provided within the kit are the Defender8™ Plastic Bird Spikes and are made from Durolon UV stabilised plastic so they won't interfere with the TV signal. Once installed this simple and easy to install product looks neat and will be 100% effective.

who supplies it?

how do i install it?

Before starting the job, assess the work to make sure that you can do it safely and without hurting yourself or others. If you have any doubts at all then please contact a specialist. Wear suitable protective clothing, dust mask, gloves, overalls etc.

Defender Bird Spikes TV Aerial Pack™Defender Bird Spikes TV Aerial Pack™Defender Bird Spikes TV Aerial Pack™